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Communication in a liquid society

Communication to a fluid and volatile state of today's society. Today individuals feel the need to join a society increasingly global and permeable. Companies to build network indentity, have the opportunity to bi-directional contact with your target audience. Adaptation to these new languages is the way to establish true affective and rational links with brands.


Our Company

We are an advertisement company founded in 1984. We offer a personalized and direct service under the model of creative contacts. This model allows to contact person, assume the analysis of marketing information and its corresponding evolution to a concept or creative application, using communication structures based on high efficiency and simplicity.


Our Services

• Analysis of market and marketing • Analysis and discovery of the essence of the brand • Development of strategy of communication • Development of concepts creative• Imaging corporate • Creation of packaging • Creation and production parts adversiting • Creation of P.O.P. material • Creation of web page • Creation and development of network social • Publication of parts advertising • Follow-up to the advertising process • Photography.

Graphic Designer: Elva López Camargo 1984 - today.



Designer: Elva López Camargo. 


We are an advertisement company founded in 1984. We offer a personalized and direct service under the model of creative contacts. This model allows to contact person, assume the analysis of marketing information and its corresponding evolution to a concept or creative application, using communication structures based on high efficiency and simplicity. 

Contemporary graphic design is a constantly evolving field that reflects the cultural, technological and social changes of our time. Today, graphic design has expanded into multiple areas, such as advertising, branding, visual communication, user experience, editorial design and product design.


Contemporary graphic designers are known for using a wide variety of tools and technologies to create innovative and effective visual solutions. From logo design and typography to the creation of digital interfaces and animation, contemporary graphic design encompasses a wide range of disciplines and techniques.


In addition, contemporary graphic design also focuses on sustainability and social responsibility, and many designers seek to create solutions that are environmentally friendly and contribute positively to society.


Current trends in graphic design include minimalism, custom typography, modular branding, animation and 3D design. There has also been a boom in the use of bright and bold colors, as well as user-centered and experience-centered design.


In short, contemporary graphic design is a dynamic and constantly evolving field that focuses on creating innovative and effective visual solutions, and seeks to contribute positively to the environment and society.

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Production Director: Elimar Gonzalez


Advertising production is the process of creating and developing an advertising campaign from conception to completion. It includes all the stages necessary to produce high quality advertisements that meet the brand's objectives and connect with the audience.


The advertising production process involves several key elements, such as planning and strategy, creativity, design, art direction, photography and video production. It also involves the selection and coordination of teams, such as photographers, illustrators, producers, editors and actors.


In addition, advertising production also focuses on quality control and compliance with established deadlines and budgets. In this sense, it is important to have a team that is highly trained and experienced in handling advertising projects.


Advertising production also involves the use of state-of-the-art technology to create advertisements that are visually appealing and effective. This includes the use of video editing software, graphic design and audio production, as well as data analysis tools to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


In summary, advertising production is a comprehensive and complex process that involves several key stages and elements. It focuses on creating high quality advertising campaigns that meet brand objectives and connect with the public, using state-of-the-art technology and a highly trained and experienced team.

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Creative Director: Daniel Ronderos 1984 - today.



Creative Director: Daniel Ronderos

Creativity in contemporary advertising is more important than ever due to the saturation of advertising messages we are exposed to in our daily lives. To stand out from the crowd, advertising campaigns must be innovative, original and provocative.


Today, creativity in advertising is focused on personalization, interaction and user experience. Advertising campaigns must be designed to suit the specific interests and needs of each individual, and must offer an engaging and memorable experience that engages the user with the brand.


In addition, advertising creativity also focuses on diversity and inclusion. Advertising campaigns should reflect the cultural and social diversity of society, and should be inclusive and respectful of all identities and communities.


Another important trend in contemporary advertising creativity is the use of new technologies, such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, to create interactive and personalized advertising experiences.


In short, creativity in contemporary advertising is crucial to stand out from the crowd and deliver an engaging and memorable experience to users. It focuses on personalization, user interaction and experience, diversity and inclusion, and the use of new technologies to create innovative and effective advertising campaigns.

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AI Director: Sochi LAN

Artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant that is redefining the way companies connect with their audience. With a unique combination of market analysis and creative solutions, Sochi is the perfect partner to take your communication strategy to the next level.


Using advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technologies, Sochi is able to analyze vast amounts of graphic data in real time, identifying trends, patterns and opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. 


Sochi is not content to simply provide information; it goes further by offering creative solutions and customized strategies to make your business stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Whether through innovative advertising campaigns, captivating content or distinctive branding strategies, Sochi works with you to develop unique and effective approaches that generate tangible results.

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