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About us


Communication in a liquid society

Communication to a fluid and volatile state of today's society. Today individuals feel the need to join a society increasingly global and permeable. Companies to build network indentity, have the opportunity to bi-directional contact with your target audience. Adaptation to these new languages is the way to establish true affective and rational links with brands.


Our Company

We are an advertisement company founded in 1984. We offer a personalized and direct service under the model of creative contacts. This model allows to contact person, assume the analysis of marketing information and its corresponding evolution to a concept or creative application, using communication structures based on high efficiency and simplicity.


Our Services

• Analysis of market and marketing • Analysis and discovery of the essence of the brand • Development of strategy of communication • Development of concepts creative• Imaging corporate • Creation of packaging • Creation and production parts adversiting • Creation of P.O.P. material • Creation of web page • Creation and development of network social • Publication of parts advertising • Follow-up to the advertising process • Photography.

Image by Charlie Deets
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